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We are gastromatic

We are a strong and motivated team that enjoys a dynamic way of working. We consider diversity, creativity and freedom a part of our working culture which is key to develop ideas and pursue one common goal: to redefine work and create something great together.

gastromatic team

Gastronaut [gastʀo’naut]

If you want to reach for the stars, you can’t be afraid of flying. That’s why we call ourselves gastronauts – eye blinking and with a mischievous smile, of course. Gastronauts are open minded, love to solve puzzles and take care of things on their own – but we’re still stronger together. And even though every gastronaut is unique and we have passionate discussions, we share the same ideals and one common vision: a better, more sustainable and successful world of work.

gastromatic, gastronaut*innen

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Meet our lovely crew

Become a Gastronaut

It sounds more cheesy than a rom-com, but is actually true: Working here is fun, it is fulfilling in so many ways – aaaand you can be yourself. We want our business to be more humane, because this is where the magic happens. We are looking for commitment – what we offer is a space for ideas, personal growth and a ping-pong table, what else? Now, let’s open the curtains to the ones who make everything happen: the gastronauts, in the order in which they came into the company.

Patrick Pötzsch

Managing Director Treasure Hunter

Florian Klima

Managing Director Summiteer

Tristan Reifert

Product Development & Marketing Tristorious

Dominik Kantner

Software Development Sherlock Holmes

Peter Macherey

Software Development Watson

Dimitri Saplatkin

Software Development Man From The Very Beginning

Christin Klima

Sales Sports Cannon

Tamir Ganbayar

Product Pilot & Scrum Master Scrum Sensei

Ana-Sofia Breunig

Sales Sunbather

Volker Matthes

Product Development Half-day Esthete

Daniel Ehrhard

Software Development Daddy Cool

Cara Guttandin

Human Resources Gastronaut Heart

Max Raupach

Project Management Eagle Eye

Philip Kunze

Sales „Äh… dings!“

Antonia Kühn

Training & Customer Care Growth Expert

Valerija Schwarz

Communication & Marketing Word Juggler

Kilian Stürmer

Distribution & Marketing Naughty Badger

Serena Pötzsch

Data Analyst Tamer

Imdadul Huq

Software Development Savvy Eye

Lejla Memisevic

Communication Design Aesthete

Enkh-Amgalan Ganbaatar

Software Development Overall Viewer

Jessica Machrowiak

Customer Care Support Rocker

Adrian Pötzsch

Product Pilot Bud Spencer

Thomas Löw

Customer Care Pacifier

Sabrina Harvey

Sales Gastro Heart

Fabian Weis

Data Scientist Clark Kent

Michele Baezzato

Training & Customer Reviews Feedback Hero

Jasmin Kraft

Customer Care Cheshire cat

Lukas Volz

Trainee Man for the Rough

Sophia Wilke

Communication Design Artist Soul

Felix Klima

Project Management Happy Nature

Ganzaya Bayarsaikhan

Product Pilot Futsalista

Roghia Rashidi

Customer Care Entertainer

Maurice Gimbel

Product Pilot „The Rock“

Sandra Terstiege

Customer Care Office Stylist

Stefan Gehring-Bella

Training & Customer Care King of dialects

Elisabeth Graf

Training & Customer Care Disney Lover

Andreas Holl

Software Testing Meme-Lord

Mai Pham

Customer Care Globetrotter

Sara Roßkopf

Office Management Good Soul

David Hohlfeld

Customer Care Sports Enthusiasts

Tobias Kreckel

Customer Care Idea Machine

Daniel Terwolbeck

Video Youtuber

Martin Dittmann

Data Scientist Hobby Philosopher

Saurav Singh

Data Scientist Climber

Veronika Berk

Paralegal Nikipedia

Oliver Thelen

Software Development E-Athlete

Pushkar Londhe

Software Tester Multitasking Talent

Melanie Krumb

Customer Care Hobby Carpenter

Purevtegsh Gantugs

Software Developer Math Olympiath

Henok Getachew

Software Developer Free Time Footballer

Lukas Zajonz

Online Marketing MesSEOs

Klaudia Kusmierczyk

Training & Customer Care Learning Fox

Katrin Schneider

Human Resources Calm Pole

Anna Zahn

Office Management Carneval Enthusiast

Patrick Klein

Software Development King Of The Dance Floor

Catharina Schad

Customer Care Kicking Ukulele Player

Robin Hueber

Data Science AIESEC-Legende

Leonore Kleinkauf

Content Marketing Fries Before Guys

Lauro Müller

Software Development Wine Expert

Daniele Jung

Software Testing Bon Vivant

Nabh Khanna

Software Development Zen Master


Office Keeper On Parental Leave


Office Keeper Parental Leave Replacement


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